Best Tub to Shower Conversion in Austin, TX

The customers of Austin Bathroom Remodels want value when they are looking for a tub to shower conversion. We offer this at a reasonable price and a lifetime warranty.

Whether you are updating your bathroom or a repair need caused you to consider other options, tub to shower conversions are becoming more popular. The tub to shower conversion cost can range depending on a number of factors, including materials, size, and design. 

When you choose Austin Bathroom Remodels, you will get reasonable pricing, a free interior designer with every project and a lifetime warranty. We offer many options when planning your new bathroom so contact us now to get started!

Benefits of a Professional Bathtub to Shower Conversion

Looking at a bathtub to shower conversion but aren’t sold on it yet? Besides the lifetime warranty that Austin Bathroom Remodels offers with the purchase, you can also appreciate the changes that are about to be made in your home.

  • Expansion in floor space: When removing a bathtub from a bathroom, you are increasing the amount of floor area that your bathroom will have.
  • Obstacle free entry: The wall of a bathtub can cause injury if a person has coordination problems. A tub to shower conversion helps reduce the risk of injury.
  • Sliding doors instead of a curtain: In most bathtub and shower combos, the use of a shower curtain is customary. With a tub to shower conversion, the curtain can be replaced by sliding doors blocking excess water from exiting.

Bath To Shower Conversion Process

When Austin Bathroom Remodels takes on your tub to shower conversion project, we follow a precise schedule to hit all of the project deadlines. 

  1. Initial consultation to learn about project scope and budget.
  2. Assemble a team of designers for your project to sketch out your ideas
  3. Talk budget, begin the design process and allow you to review it.

Once we propose the project to you for the tub to shower conversion and you agree, we begin the construction process. 

If you are ready to begin the process and get a free consultation, call Austin Bathroom Remodels at 512-318-3413. We are proudly providing services in the Austin, TX area.

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    Free Interior Designer

    Every bathroom remodeling project is completed by one of our expert designers - it is a free service that will bring your own ideas to life.

  • 02

    Lifetime Warranty

    All our projects come with a lifetime warranty. We ensure that you will enjoy your new bathroom for years to come.

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    Best Scheduling

    We value your time. Every project is always completed following the approved schedule.

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