Shower Replacement for Your Bathroom Remodel Project

Austin Bathroom Remodels is a professional company specializing in various bathroom remodel projects for residential properties, including shower replacement, maintenance, and repair.

Your home will need improvements and renovations now and then. Shower remodel professionals have a suggestion for you: shower replacement. You deserve a brand new, water-efficient shower that doesn’t leak and is free of scaling and other residues.

A specialized plumbing company can identify the perfect enclosure for the shower replacement with careful planning and design while saving space in your bathroom. It’s also a great idea to remove the old bathtub and install a shower to give the area a more spacious look.

Signs You May Need Shower Replacement

When is the right time to replace the shower in your home? Every homeowner has their own plans concerning bathroom remodels, upgrades, and other home improvement projects. However, some signs of damage are too blatant to be ignored. You may worry about shower replacement cost, but the overall expense of renovating a flooded bathroom is much higher.

In some cases, the plumber may not even recommend a full replacement. Instead, they may charge you for just the shower replacement parts and labor. Some specific, tell-tale signs showing you might need a professional’s advice are:

  • You have mold or mildew around the shower stall.
  • You have a leaking shower.
  • You have restricted water flow, typically caused by sediment build-up.
  • You have fluctuations in water pressure.

Shower Replacement in Austin, TX shower replacement replace a shower Shower Replacement Specialists

Things to Consider Before You Replace the Shower

Shower replacement is a significant investment that will make your bathroom a pleasant and welcoming space. As an added incentive, it will also raise your home’s overall value. You should plan your replacement carefully and work with specialists every step of the way.

A trustworthy bathroom remodeling company will provide a professional designer’s services as part of your shower replacement costs. The designer will oversee the entire work to replace the shower, including:

  •  Identifying the best spot to install a shower stall.
  • Taking precise measurements.
  • Discussing the layout of the bathroom and your preferred style.
  • Adding extra ventilation to the bathroom.
  • Ordering high-quality materials from reputable suppliers.

Let Professionals Handle Your Shower Replacement Project

As you can see, there is a lot of skilled work involved in getting a replacement shower. As much as you want to save on the cost to replace a shower, you shouldn’t opt for DIY. The necessary work to replace a shower involves intricate details like constructing the new stall and establishing a precise connection to the water pipe.

Austin Bathroom Remodels will send a certified plumber and offer a warranty for the labor. If there are any problems due to inadequate installation, the repair works will be cost-free. Otherwise, if your DIY project goes wrong, you may have to pay for significant (and costly) repair works for the entire bathroom. Isn’t it much better to just call in the experts?

Hire Experienced Shower Replacement Specialists!

Austin Bathroom Remodels is a professional company specializing in shower replacement and other similar renovation works. Our clients in Austin, TX, the Texas Hill Country attest to the quality of our artistry and materials.

If you need to replace a shower or other bathroom fixtures, let our certified specialists help you! Call us: 512-318-3413!

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