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Austin Bathroom Remodels is a team of professionals specializing in tub surround installation and other bathroom remodel works, offering their services to the entire community of Austin, TX, and Hill Country.

If you are looking for exciting bathroom remodel projects to refresh the look of your home, tub surround installation may be the perfect solution to your needs. The bathroom tends to be an overlooked region in a house’s design. Homeowners typically complain about the difficulty of keeping it clean and sanitized, yet never opt for a remodel to make this job easier.

Having an easier-to-clean bathroom isn’t the only reason to remodel, however. Installing shower surround or tub surround tiling has a significant and lasting impact on the overall look of the entire bathroom. You can choose a modern or classic tile pattern, complementary or contrasting colors, and make your bath or shower area look brand new.

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TThe Main Benefits of Installing Tub Surround Tiling

Around the bathtub, you’re likely to get spills that soak into the tiles and ground surrounding it. Replacing your old tiles with tub surround tiling is a good idea, even if you don’t intend to do a full remodel. If you’ve ever tried to remove scale or grout from tiles, you know why it’s far better to just remodel than try to clean them after a while.

The bathroom's hot, humid environment makes the grout a perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew. When you look at it this way, installing a shower surround is not just about improving the look of your bathroom, but also keeping it safe for use by you and your family.

Signs that You Need to Replace Shower Surround

In some instances, you’re better off installing a shower surround or tub surround tiling. Damage to the area around the tub may be almost invisible, but it may run deep. According to bathtub surround installation professionals, these are some of the main signs that you need to consider replacing the tiles:

  • The tiles or grouting are cracked.
  • There is a mildew smell in the bathroom.
  • The grout is flaking and peeling off.
  • There is a significant scale build-up on the tile that you cannot remove with regular house cleaning solutions.

It’s also advisable to consider replacing the tub surround tiling if you’re thinking of selling your house. Any improvement you make will raise the property value, and potential customers are likely to examine the bathroom for signs of damage.

Hire a Professional Tub Surround Tiling Installation Company!

Austin Bathroom Remodels has extensive experience in installing a shower surround and offers a fair cost and lifetime warranty for every job. We also provide an interior designer's services for free for each project we undertake in Austin, TX.

Let our experienced team help you with tub surround tiling installation! Call us: 512-318-3413!

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    All our projects come with a lifetime warranty. We ensure that you will enjoy your new bathroom for years to come.

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